PAIR File Wrapper Search

Hone your prosecution strategy by researching the experiences of others

  • TPB PAIR File Wrapper Search is used by attorneys and agents to quickly locate file histories that exhibit a fact pattern similar to a case they are prosecuting. This is particularly helpful when the practitioner must do something new or non-routine (e.g. prepare a 131 affidavit). The practitioner develops a great prosecution strategy, then uses our file wrapper search tool to identify the appropriate language and MPEP citations to execute that strategy.
  • Our text-searchable database of more than 250,000 US patent file wrapper documents (Office Actions, Attorney Arguments, Petitions, Appeal Activity, Affidavits etc.). File history documents are originally created by the USPTO as unsearchable .pdf files.  However, by applying optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms we are able to extract the text that drives our search engine.  We support advanced search features including both proximity and boolean search operations.