Practitioner Match

Our Practitioner Match service is designed to help you identify patent practitioners that are a good fit for your business or firm. Whether you are seeking to hire an agent or attorney as outside counsel or for employment, this service can help you quickly narrow the field to a list of candidates having the right blend of technical and legal experience. Here's how it works:

  1. You submit a Match request with a precise description of the ideal candidate, including specific technology expertise.
  2. We contact you to clarify the request and associated costs. Fixed-fee, contingency and blended pricing options are available.
  3. We research our unique database of practitioner profiles to develop a list of attorneys or agents that appear to match your needs.
  4. We provide you with a report that lists each practitioner that we have identified along with links to cases (and associated assignees) he/she has prosecuted or drafted, contact information and other relevant background information.

For more information or to request a sample report please contact us at:

If you are a practitioner, and are interested in seeing your profile as it appears in our system, please contact us at: Please note that our profiles are built from a blend of publicly available data sources.

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