Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Patent Box?

The Patent Box is a patent research site designed to:

  • Help businesses find US patent attorneys and agents having prosecution experience that aligns with the technologies they are developing.
  • Provide US patent practitioners with insight into the US patent process and insight into their own prosecution history.

Our database currently includes more than 250,000 file wrappers. Our collection includes randomly sampled Utility, Design, Inter Partes and Ex Parte Reexamination wrappers. We have also developed curated sets of file wrappers (e.g. we have a large set of file wrappers that have seen CAFC appeal activity). Our core features include:

  • Patent Practitioner Search - The Patent Box offers a text-searchable database of US Patent Attorneys and Agents. Using this tool you can find a patent practitioner with highly specific prosecution experience (e.g. cryptocurrency, malaria, etc). You can also filter based on geography, past assignee name, or law firm name to find the ideal practitioner.
  • File Wrapper Search - The Patent Box offers a text-searchable database of more than 250,000 US patent file wrapper documents (Office Actions, Attorney Arguments, Petitions, Appeal Activity, Affidavits etc.). File history documents are originally created by the USPTO as unsearchable .pdf files.  However, by applying optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms we are able to extract the text that drives our search engine.  We support advanced search features including both proximity and boolean search operations.
  • Practitioner Profile Management - The Patent Box also helps US Patent Practitioners build a comprehensive profile and track the applications they prosecute via our Public PAIR monitoring service. Monitored applications are synchronized with Public PAIR on a weekly basis.
  • Collaboration – The Patent Box facilitates collaboration by providing a unique page for each wrapper in our database (e.g. ). This unique patent page includes a link to the associated file wrapper .pdf document and is accessible to both subscribed and non-subscribed users of the system.  Instead of attaching a large PDF document, users can share a file wrapper by simply e-mailing a link.

Who is The Patent Box for?

The Patent Box is for businesses and recruiters in search of the ideal US patent attorney or agent. It is also for IP professionals (e.g. US patent attorneys, patent agents and paralegals). Our user base includes attorneys and patent agents with both small and large firms as well as in-house practitioners.

How can The Patent Box file wrapper search tool help an agent/attorney?

Our search interface allows users to quickly locate file histories that exhibit a fact pattern similar to a case they are prosecuting.  This is particularly helpful when the practitioner must do something new or non-routine (e.g. prepare a 131 affidavit).   The practitioner develops a great prosecution strategy, then uses The Patent Box to identify the appropriate language and MPEP citations to execute that strategy.  Seeing the tactics another practitioner has used to successfully solve the same problem provides an efficiency boost that can lead to significant cost savings.

What is the cost?

Please see our pricing page for information including current promotions. Please contact us for academic or multi-user pricing.

Does The Patent Box include all PAIR file wrapper documents?

No, The Patent Box does not provide access to the same collection of file wrapper documents provided by the USPTO's Public PAIR system.  The USPTO does not provide bulk access to all PAIR File Wrapper data, making this level of access currently impossible. Please use our File Wrapper Request form if there are specific file wrapper documents you would like us to add.

Which file wrapper correspondence types does The Patent Box make searchable?

We make most Office Actions including Non-Final and Final rejections searchable as well as substantive applicant responses including Petition, Appeal, CAFC and Affidavit-related activity. We do exclude many types of documents from the OCR process, notably foreign references. There are currently more than 500 PAIR correspondence codes and we continually refine the subset we make searchable so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or requests.

About Us: is operated by The Patent Box, LLC, a corporation based in Pennsylvania. More info on our history and team can be found here.

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