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We've teamed up with IPWatchdog to help businesses and law firms recruit the ideal US Patent practitioner.

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TPB Recruiter includes:

  • A 60-Day Job Posting that will appear on both the TPB Job Board as well as the IPWatchdog JobOrtunities™ Job Board.
    • Your IPWatchdog JobOrtunities™ job listing will include all of the benefits described here, including a dedicated blog post to, which is read by more IP Professionals than any other website in the Intellectual Property industry.
  • 60 Days of full TPB Practitioner Search access
    • TPB Practitioner Search allows you to proactively identify US Patent Attorneys and Agents having prosecution expertise that matches your needs. Learn more here.
  • 60 Days of full TPB Practitioner Profile access
    • Through TPB Practitioner Search you will also have access to our full database of more than 10,000 US Practitioner Profiles. Each profile includes a sampling of cases the practitioner has prosecuted, providing you with a valuable tool to aid your recruiting processes. View a sample profile.
  • Cost for TPB Recruiter package: $399.00